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Mandatory Parenting Seminar

What Are Divorce Seminars?

When going through a divorce, you will be required to complete a divorce parenting seminar, also required in paternity actions, legitimation actions, modifications, any domestic case.  it is an excellent class to afford parents education on how to communicate in a proactive manner during the divorce process and after.   These courses can help parents get along and affords parents an opportunity to develop a parenting plan for the children’s best interest.

Generally, most Courts require that both parents attend the seminar within thirty (30) days of the filing of the Petition or within thirty (30) days of their Answer to the divorce action. Generally, if you fail to timely follow the Court’s requirement or Order to attend the seminar, the Court will hold the parent in contempt. Furthermore, your failure to timely attend this seminar could impact your being designated the primary physical custodian of the child.