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Divorce and other domestic disputes are difficult no matter what’s involved, but an experienced family law attorney offers the best chance for a positive resolution. At Candace M. Williams, P.C., in Gainesville, I have represented clients throughout Georgia in divorce, custody, paternity and other family law matters since 2003. I am committed to advocating for your rights and protecting your children in the legal process so that you and your loved ones can transition with ease to your new circumstances.

Sensitive Counselor Providing Skilled Divorce Representation

The breakup of a marriage is never easy. But I strive to make the divorce process as painless as possible for my clients by ensuring that they understand both the law and their options. I provide full legal support in all types of divorce actions, including assisting with:

  • Filing and grounds: To file for divorce in Georgia, you or your spouse must be a resident of the state for at least six months prior to filing. You may file for a no-fault divorce upon a finding that the marriage is irretrievably broken, or you may allege fault: Georgia recognizes 12 fault grounds, including adultery, desertion and habitual intoxication. I will advise on the best way to proceed in your particular circumstances.
  • Property division: Georgia is an equitable distribution state, meaning all property acquired during the marriage will be divided in a manner considered fair, though not necessarily equal. If you and your spouse cannot reach an agreement on distributing your assets, I will make sure the court has a proper accounting and valuation of all marital property.
  • Alimony: In limited circumstances, the court may order one divorcing spouse to provide the other with alimony, also known as maintenance, on a short-term or ongoing basis. For example, a spouse who has not been working outside the home may be awarded alimony for the period of time it will take to acquire employment skills. If you are seeking maintenance or being asked to provide it, I ensure that all relevant factors are presented to the court.
  • Name changes: If you would like to change your name following a divorce, I can assist with a name change either through the divorce action or as a separate proceeding.

Dedicated Lawyer Advocating For You And Your Children

I am focused on protecting the best interests of your children in any domestic dispute. I have found that when parents agree to put their children’s needs first in a divorce or child custody matter, everyone succeeds, especially the children. To help facilitate your family’s success, I provide support with:

  • Child custody: In Georgia, courts award physical and legal custody based on the best interests of the child, although children ages 14 and older may choose which parent they want to live with. Courts prefer to award joint legal, or decision-making, custody, whenever possible. In any custody case, Georgia requires a parenting plan that recognizes the importance of the parental bond and implements a visitation schedule for the noncustodial parent that protects that bond. Negotiated agreements are always less stressful for your children, but I will uphold your rights and your children’s welfare should custody be disputed.
  • Child support: Parents are given an opportunity to reach an agreement on child support, but the court has the option to step in and calculate child support according to parents’ income, ability to support the child and other factors. I can help you reach an agreement that meets your family’s needs, but when an agreement isn’t possible, I will bring all relevant factors to the court’s attention.
  • Paternity and legitimation: If your child was born outside of marriage in Georgia, a paternity or legitimation proceeding is necessary to recognize the father-child relationship. Paternity establishes the identity of the father and obligates the payment of child support, while legitimation establishes parental rights and gives the father standing to request custody or visitation. I can assist with either process.
  • Modification and enforcement: As your family’s circumstances evolve over time due to changes in employment, income, residence or other factors, you may need to modify a child custody, visitation or support order. I provide sound advice on how to pursue needed changes in a cost-effective manner. I also can help you seek enforcement of an existing order or a contempt-of-court action if the other parent is not in compliance. 

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If you are facing a challenging family law issue, Candace M. Williams, P.C., can help you protect your rights and your loved ones. To schedule a consultation at my Gainesville office, please call 470-705-5442 or contact me online.