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Equine Attorneys in Georgia handle legal aspects of horse ownership and care

Our lawyers provide representation in equine transactions and disputes

Candace M. Williams, P.C. handles all of the contractual and business issues that might confront a horse owner, breeder, boarder, trainer, buyer or seller. Many of these transactions — sales, boarding arrangements, etc. — depend on little more than a handshake and a word-of-mouth character assessment. Unfortunately, these less-formal arrangements often leave buyers, sellers and breeders in the lurch when something goes wrong, and ruin previously friendly business and recreation relationships.

When do I need a equine lawyer?

You need an equine attorney almost any time you do more than ride, feed or groom your horse.

Buyers: Most horse sales are caveat emptor, or let the buyer beware. It is up to you to research the history of the horse, obtain a release, and scrutinize past veterinary records. You must also take care not to mistake breed registration documents with legal title, or proof of ownership. Depending on the price of this horse, you may even need financing, and then you will want to consider carefully whether to use the horse as collateral or to draw on some other source. We can advise you on any or all Georgia horse laws and draft purchase agreements that work in your favor in case of a dispute. We will review seller-drafted sales agreements to ensure that they comply with federal and Georgia law while not unduly favoring the seller and disadvantaging you.

Sellers: You know that most horse sales are caveat emptor, or let the buyer beware, essentially letting you off the hook if something goes wrong with the animal after the sale. But you may have disclosure obligations — things you have to tell the seller — just as you may want to avoid future litigation through more complete disclosure than is required. You will also want to draft sales or purchase contracts in ways that protect you if the buyer later goes into bankruptcy or becomes insolvent. In any horse sale in or the surrounding areas, we can help ensure that the transaction proceeds smoothly and advantageously.

Boarders, breeders, and trainers: You all need carefully-drafted contracts to limit your liability in the case of injury to horse, rider, or caretaker. Boarding facilities especially must consider what to do with abandoned property and how to clear valuable space without becoming subject to a conversion lawsuit. Breeders must face a host of liability and insurance concerns, as well as enumerating the details to increasingly complex contracts before they can book the breeding. In all of these cases — and in all other areas of equine law — our attorneys are equipped to help.

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