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Experienced Equine Attorney In Georgia

Many Georgians agree horses are magnificent animals and, therefore, have some stake in the equine industry. Whether you own, breed, board or train horses, you likely need a legal contract to protect your interests when establishing an agreement. 

A detailed equine attorney and longtime member of the Georgia equine community, I can mitigate risk in a variety of arrangements and transactions. Many horse purchases, leases and care agreements stem from amicable business, recreational and personal relationships. At Candace M. Williams, P.C., we understand the importance of keeping things that way.

Yet, should a dispute arise, I will rely on my two decades of legal experience to protect your interests. In cases that involve a significant change in family structureriding need not halt. You can count on me to create a viable solution for all involved. 

An Equine Lawyer Who Understands All The Angles 

It takes tremendous time, money and effort to ride, feed and groom your horse properly. However, doing so may be the least-stressful factor of necessary care.  

Working with a lawyer can equip you to make wise decisions, no matter your position in any given transaction. Throughout the Gainesville area, I counsel equestrian clients on matters such as: 

Buying A Horse 

In most horse sales, the purchasing party becomes responsible for knowing what exactly he or she gains from the deal. In a typical information asymmetry, the party selling a horse may not disclose the pertinent details. 

Purchasing considerations may include: 

  • Breed registration 
  • A researched horse history 
  • Previous veterinary records 
  • The seller’s proof of ownership 

Depending on your financial situation, you may need to secure financing to complete your horse purchase. In this case, will the animal serve as collateral, or would you rather use another asset to secure the loan? 

I provide transparent counsel about federal and state equine lawsI will advise you before you finalize a purchase and safeguard you from terms that unduly favor the seller while leaving you at a disadvantage. 

Selling A Horse 

Although potential buyers have a responsibility to understand what they are buying, you may not be liable for problems that occur with a horse once the transaction is finalized. You may have legal obligations to make specific information known. However, documented additional disclosures to the buyer could help you avoid future litigation, if the buyer tries to hold you accountable. 

A legally sound contract or sales agreement could also protect you if the purchasing party files bankruptcy or experiences other significant financial turmoil. 

Equestrian Breeding, Boarding And Training 

When you accept responsibility for the physical care and well-being of someone else’s equine investment, you need carefully drafted contracts to limit your liability in an injury – to the horse, rider or caretaker. 

Breeders need the assistance of a lawyer to address numerous liability and insurance concerns. For example, stud fees and complex details of breeding arrangement must be clearly established before booking. 

Contracts at a boarding facility should include a contingency plan for clearing space without becoming subject to a conversion lawsuit. Documentation should also specify the handling of abandoned property and outline the full range of services provided at your stable. 

Regardless of whether a horse has sentimental value for someone’s child or came at a cost due to its bloodline or racing success, adequate insurance coverage is imperative when someone entrusts their equestrian asset to you. 

Animals Cannot Speak For Themselves – Do What’s Right On Their Behalf

At Candace M. Williams, P.C., we understand the incredible complexity of equine law. Our reasonably priced representation can follow your lead to help ensure the transaction of your choosing goes smoothly, while minimizing the potential for extenuating legal disputes and strained relationships in the future. 

Before you establish a legally binding agreement, get in touch with me online or, if you prefer, call 470-705-5442 to speak with me about your case today.