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About Candace M. Williams, Attorney at Law

Best Divorce Lawyer in Gainesville, Northeast, Georgia Hands Down, Candace M. Williams, (quoted by a real client)

Advocacy with a personal approach

When contemplating divorce or dealing with another difficult family law issue, you deserve representation that combines skilled legal advocacy with a sensitivity to your needs and concerns. My firm has established a strong reputation throughout Georgia because I offer:
  • Personalized attention — Never forgetting that family law is, above all, about people you love, I take the time to understand your family’s current and future needs. My goal is to help you and your children navigate important life changes as smoothly as possible.
  • A hands-on approach — My commitment to get you the best possible result means I am directly involved in every stage of your case. I will explain your options, help you develop a strategy targeted to your unique circumstances, and reach a resolution that meets your objectives.
  • Skilled legal representation — I am known for my attention to detail and devotion to resolving clients’ concerns through mediation and negotiation whenever possible. But if litigation is necessary, you can count on aggressive representation in court.
From our initial discussion to the final hearing in your case and beyond, I offer determined and thorough representation of your rights and interests.
Areas of Practice

Comprehensive family law support in Georgia

If you need help with a domestic issue in Georgia, I successfully represent clients in virtually all areas of family law, including:
  • Divorce — I handle all types of divorce actions, from uncontested divorces to cases involving the valuation and division of complex marital assets as well as actions for alimony.
  • Legal separation — While Georgia doesn’t have a formal process for legal separation, I can help someone who is living apart from their spouse to pursue an action for separate maintenance.
  • Child custody — Whether you are seeking a fair parenting agreement, sole custody of your child or modification of an existing child custody order, I am committed to protecting your children in the legal process.
  • Child support — When you have concerns about a child support calculation or need assistance with a child support modification or enforcement action, I will act to protect your interests and your children’s right to be supported.
  • Paternity — If you are the parent of a child born outside of marriage, I can assist with a legitimation or paternity action.
  • Orders of protection — If your family is threatened by domestic violence, I can help you seek an appropriate protective order for your well-being and that of your children.
  • Modification of Custody, Child Support, Visitation, Alimony, if you have experienced material changes of condition in income, the children's expenses, an election of a child, or material changes of circumstances regarding the best interest of the children, you may qualify for a modification.  Specific factors must be established.
  • Equine law- Assistance with reviewing equestrian lease agreements, contracts for the purchase of ponies, and horses, and overall advice through the equine community.
Regardless of your specific family law challenge, you can trust in my commitment to representing your interests, meeting your needs, and helping you and your children to move on with confidence.

Contact an experienced family law attorney in Georgia

At Candace M. Williams, P.C., I have helped many Georgia families resolve their family law issues in a positive manner. If you would like to learn how I can assist you, please call 470-691-0189 or contact me online to schedule a consultation at my Gainesville office.    
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